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Monday, October 11, 2010

So here we are again, it's another Monday in sunny Portland. I can say sunny Portland right now, I am being blessed with the sun!  Low poofy clouds are floating overhead, it looks as though it will be a gorgeous day. I wanted to share a few of my new and favorite items with my 8 loyal readers. You are loyal right? Humor me and tell me you are!!

Magenta Radio Chandeleir Earrings

I just received this giant 2 inch finding from China on Thursday, I LOVE them. Textured and HUGE, they are going to make a statement.  I am trying to move away from using crystals, although I love them, and use gemstones, so here I have used a magenta purple quartzite. They are faceted so they will catch light just as a swarovski crystal will.

Indian Summer Necklace

I adore this necklace.  I had a real hard time listing it and parting with it, I finally had to reason with myself, Carrie, you do NOT wear long necklaces, the girls will not allow it! I called it Indian Summer because that is what is going on in Portland right now, the sun is out, it's 60+ degrees, yet it's fall. I picture someone in a white button down rocking this shirt, the colors will just POP.  I cannot wait to sell it!

Pearl District 3 Strand Bracelet

This item isn't actually new, but it is newly found. I found it with some supplies, not sure how it got lost! Anyways, this was one of my first bracelets ever made. I adore it, it is one of the items that lead to the design that I used at Chrissy & Sporto's wedding in 2008.  I love that it is a classic look with some funk. The silver spacer beads are some of my favorite, I wish I had more of them! 

So there we have my top 3 new items that I am offering right now.  Pass them along, find them a home and some love. 

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