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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Etsy Favorites

One thing that I have a bad habit of is shopping on etsy, although the money is not coming in right now I cannot keep myself from looking and coveting many items. I would like to take the time today to showcase my absolute favorites and tell you why they are freakin sweet!

Wire Wrapped Green Leaves Necklace
By CraftyWillows

This necklace is just simply beautiful. I have been wanting to get into wire wrapping for quite some time now but always lose out to frustration, apparently I am a better weaver than I am a wrapper.  The choice of the pale green against the copper is exquisite,  and I adore the dual leaf look of the pendant. 

Hanging Glass Terrarium
By terradctl

Besides beading and writing another passion of mine is gardening and plants. I WANT THIS NOW. I have always wanted a terrarium type for air plants and I adore this style. I see it hanging next to my desk so that I can give it love on a daily, hell hourly, basis.  But then I realized the seller is in Australia, so alas I cannot even think about having this.  Sad day, but I am blogging about it anyways because it's awesome. Hopefully I can find one stateside!

Rasta Cat Collar
By Doodlebugduds

I don't know if I've really blogged about him yet, but my best friend and sidekick is a 17 pound black cat named Magoo.  He and I have been together for 8.5 years and bring each other joy on a regular basis. It's a bit disgusting, but really honestly, he is my boy.  He has been rocking this awesome woven Rasta collar for 6 years, the way it stands out against his black fur, I love it. But it's getting really ratty and stretched out, I thought we were going to have to find a new look, but thanks to etsy, maybe I won't have to!  This is way cooler than the one I have now. I dig the pattern, the colors are more vibrant and frankly there are more of them! It is also very random, I dig it. Hopefully in a few more sales I'll be able to purchase this for my little bugger and he can continue on his rasta tradition!

Detroit Skyline Mixed Media

This one leaves me speechless, I really wish I could afford this, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat. What an awesome design.  I graduated from Detroit's Wayne State University with a degree in History and I fell in love with the city learning about it from it's beginnings through it's glorious days to what it is today. I also lived in Downtown Detroit for 4 years, and I left part of me there when I moved away.  I loved walking around town checking out the amazing architecture in the gritty place...this just seems to capture Detroit for me.  I love the map in the background...I love everything about this really. I don't really ever want to move back, I love the west, but I would love to own this to remind me of a love I once had.  One day I hope to have this in my collection.

Black Crochet Hoops
By TaniaNovaCrochet

I really want to own a pair of crochet earrings.  I think they are fabulous, combining two art forms into one. I have searched high and wide for a pair and this artist has the best on the web. They embody this boho hippie chick vibe that I adore, a classic taken to new heights.  I cannot wait to have a pair of these in my collection, preferably in black since black goes with everything!

So I will leave you with these 5 favorites of mine for now, I think I will blog about my favs once a week. I love sharing other artists and I think it tells people a little bit more about me as well. 

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  1. Wonderful items! I love the green in the first one. & the cat collar is cute!