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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heartbreak at the "real" job

As I stated in my first blog, my "real" job is as an Executive Recruiter.  I work for MRI the CA Partners, which is my dad's company. He has blessed me with the opportunity to work from home. The office is based in Detroit, however I get to work from home in my jammies everyday, I love it.

I ran his office in Michigan for over 6 years. When I moved out west, I had the opportunity to start recruiting, but I thought that I needed to grow up and get away from daddy. Boy was I ever wrong.  To make a long and dreadful story short, I had a horrible job in the sales and marketing office for a jewelry company; a job that I thought would be ideal that turned into a massive headache.

I was fired when I asked for more time while taking care of my 89 year old grandpa who was recovering from knee surgery. I am not joking. Luckily I was able to get unemployment and 2 weeks later Paul got his new job in Portland and we moved.  So I would have quit anyways, funny how things eventually work themselves out. I had been talking to my dad for months about working for him; I realized that I wanted to be my own boss. If I was going to work hard, it was going to be for me and my family, and not for someone I had little to no respect for.

So I took a trip in May to work with him and train for 2 weeks.  It takes a solid 6 months to really get going in this industry. Here we are, 4.5 months later. I have been working with a wonderful candidate in Chicago and a solid growing company that is local to her. Phone interview went well, face to face interview went well, and they called me asking for references from her supervisors; basically I have learned that they were ready to offer her the job. Unfortunately, my candidate has decided due to some rare family issues she is going through, she is not going to be able to take the job at this time, she needs 6 months.

In comes the heartbreak.  I really thought I was finally going to be able to contribute to the household, and now I find out that the opportunity has slipped through my fingers. As Paul stated, "so you got your first placement, you just didn't get paid!!!"  I am glad he is so optimistic when I need him to be!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your Heartbreaks. Everything will work out in the end.You jewelery is Beautiful!!!

  2. Hmm, I think my comment got eaten, but I said I believe everything happens for a reason, so something great must be around the corner for you. :)

  3. Oh how frustrating!!! I feel for you - I agree with plaidfuzz ! You will look back and think " So that's why this happened!" I'll keep my fingers crossed for you !