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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Saturation of Jewelry on Etsy

I wish that this were an instant success thing, I know I make great stuff, therefore it should be selling right?? Alas it's not.  Granted I have made 18 sales (3 away from etsy) since I officially opened my shop a month ago, they have all been to friends and family.  Which I love, I love the support, but I cannot expect to stay afloat on that alone, I want that coveted first stranger sale! Well, I guess you should say second stranger sale, my 2nd sale on etsy was to a random person who was apparently looking for orange shell earrings. Oddly enough the item ended back up in the Detroit metro area; nobody has yet confessed to being this person.
What I am learning now is, etsy is flooded with jewelry, so much that only some of my items have over 100 views. I am trying to figure out how to get the big wide world out there to LOOK AT ME!!!  I have not seen too many items out there with my look on them though, but then again I do not look THAT much at other people's things...maybe this is part of the problem?  I feel like I'm back in Chemistry class struggling to keep up and figure out how to stay afloat!
I am becoming so obsessed with getting that sale from someone who has not seen my stuff in person that it's affecting (effecting? Here comes that spelling part....) my other job right now.  I know, not good, that's the one with the real money potential. But all I can think of is making a sale with jewelry. It's my passion; it iswhere my heart is! On that note though, I should buckle down and make 10 calls...I'll be right back...

Ok, so where was I?

I am beginning to think that word of mouth is going to be my best friend.  Business cards are on their way out to friends who have purchased things; I have added perks in it for them, freebies for getting me sales. Any advice that can be thrown my way would RULE!  I have lost the spark for writing while I was making calls, so I guess I should go back to that and leave the blog alone for now.

PS - anyone know what is up with the slideshow gadget? I have a great album lined up, yet it won't show up in my list...


  1. I understand! I dont sell jewerly on etsy but I know people who do (who try, that is), but you're right, it's so saturated! Keep your head up and get those business cards out there!

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  3. I sell jewelry too, and it is hard to get noticed. But, keep at it and it will happen. Promote yourself in any way that you are off to a great start by posting in the forums, handing out cards, starting a blog! Come visit mine, I try to post useful seller info:

  4. Following you charmdesign! I am always looking for useful advice!

  5. Jewelry is a tough catagory. I sell jewelry too, and it was awhile before I made my first sale, and even today (2 years later) it's still hard to get sales.

    Here are a couple of links with some great information for marketing your shop. I hope they help.

    Handmade News
    101 Ways To Promote Your Online Store

    Good Luck!

  6. Sorry the Handmadeology link did not work in my last post. Here it is:

  7. Hi there...I'm new to etsy too and in the jewelry category as well. And i definitely know how you feel. I get obsessed checking if I finally got that first sale...and am still hopeful.

    Keep a positive outlook...we will make up there one day!