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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its My First Post...

So here I begin on my new-found journey as a blogger in this giant universe known as cyberspace. They keep telling me over on etsy that this is yet another way to increase traffic to your site, so here I am.  I'm not going to lie to you; that is my sole purpose in this blog.
Lets get a few things straight:

1. I can't spell. I mean, I can spell words, but they are probably not right. I had to think about sole up there for a bit, that is why this is number 1.
2. I like to make myself laugh. Nothing warms my heart like a silly thing and a good laugh. You might read things on this blog that you do not find funny. I am apologizing now.
3. You should go look at my etsy store. My jewelry is my passion, I love creating and seeing my baubles on other people.

Let's just leave it at those 3 right now.  I could go on and on, but really I should be concentrating on my other job right now. But lets face it, this is more fun. So through this blog I hope to accomplish a few things, I want to reconnect with my passion for writing, I want to increase traffic to my etsy site (go look! It's fab!), and I hope to make myself laugh...if you get in on the laughing too, that is an added bonus. Sometimes I might write about a fabulous new piece, a frustrating evening of jewelry making, my ups and downs in this new venture...really who knows. 

A little bit about me. I like to think I'm a pretty unique individual.  I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Honors History from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.  I proved everyone wrong by going back to school later in life, even though everyone said I'd never go back, and I graduated. I'm also a skydiver. I have 158 jumps and a B license at this point; was hoping to get to 200 this year, but money and a knee injury has kept me on the ground.  My day job is as an executive recruiter (which is what I should be doing now, but alas I am not). I am a stick wielding headhunter in the Medical Device industry; focusing mainly on Regulatory Affairs, Engineering, Marketing, and Quality.  Are you seeing the theme here? None of this goes together. But I like me.

Finally,  I am a jewelry designer.  I have always been beading, since I was a little kid. As my friend Jeannie pointed out recently on facebook, I taught her how to make little daisies out of seed beads when we were 13. This is my creative outlet.  For some reason jewelry just speaks to me.  I'm not joking when I say I dream about it. Some of my most favorite designs came to me as a vision.  I would say I've seriously been designing since 2007, with a slight break in 2009-the beginning of 2010. The break is a whole other story that might or might not get discussed at a later point.  I'd like to thank my brother's wife Candie for getting me back into designing.  I did her wedding jewelry this past August and it set the flame in my heart again. From there I opened my etsy store, listed this bucket of items sitting next to my desk, and then began making new items again.

So here we are, with a blog, ready to go. 

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  1. Congrats! Blogging can be lots of fun!

    You should also take a look at listing some jewelry on - it's free!

    (I'm so jealous about skydiving - I've never been!)